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Ghor passengers’ massacre: Families demand public trial of killers

Suspected Taliban insurgents killed 14 passengers in Ghor last year

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The families’ of the victims and Civil Societies Network on Monday praised National Directorate of Security (NDS) forces for arresting the mastermind of the Ghor passengers’ killing, and urged government to trial  the indict publicly.

Last year suspected Taliban fighters stopped two buses on their way to the western province of Ghor. They checked the passengers’ identities and dragged out 14 Hazara nationals including three women and one child. They shot them dead at the spot.

Recently, the NDS has arrested the mastermind of the incident identified as Mawlawi Abdul Rahman in Ghor.

Families of the martyrs and Civil Societies Network asked the government to seriously prosecute the case and bring the captured criminal before public justice and give a lesson to other criminals.

“Insurgents killed my uncle without on his way home in Ghor province one year ago,” said Sayed Basir Mesbah, the nephew of a martyr. “I require the government to prosecute seriously the case of the murderer and punish him.”

Speaking at a joint press conference with civil society activists in Kabul, Mesbah said that the accused murderer Abdul Rahman must be transferred to Kabul to prevent his probable chance of escape from Ghor jail.

Beside punishment of the mastermind of Ghor incident, the government must take steps to arrest other involved criminals, he added.

“What I felt is not sensible for those who killed my innocent father on the way in Ghor province,” said Sayed Shoaib, son of another martyr.

The detained mastermind of Ghor incident must be punished to dead penalty, he insisted.

Civil society activist Husain Anosh said that there were rumors of some plots to release Abdul Rahman. “The government is required to seriously prosecute the case.”

Another civil society activist Mohammad Farzan government neglect over punishment of criminals will lead strengthening of criminals’ gang, therefore government must take legal actions against criminals to have achievement in the aspect.

Civil society and victims’ families also issued a resolution in which they asked for the transfer of Abdul Rahman from Ghor to Kabul, his public trial, arrest of other involved criminals in the incident and support the martyrs’ families.

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