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Ghor residence complaining poor healthcare services

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Kabul: With the arrival of the cold season and the first snowfall, the roads of Ghor province with Kabul and Herat provinces are blocked. Besides the public roads, the roads from the center of this province to most of the districts are also closed due to snowfall. Residents of this province complain about the lack of access to healthcare services, especially female doctors in the center and districts of this province.

These residents warn that if the Taliban Ministry of Public Health continues to ignore the health sector of this province, the patients will suffer more in the coming winter due to lack of medicine and doctors.

The lack of female doctors in the gynecological departments is one of the other challenges. According to the complaint of the residents of Ghor, there are only two female doctors working in the provincial hospital of Firouzkoh city. The districts of this province and most of the clinics in this province do not have female doctors that why the health services are not provided to women as needed.

According to local media officials at the Ghor provincial hospital have accepted the absence of a female doctor and say that there is no specialist female doctor present in this hospital, instead, two doctors work in the gynecology and obstetrics department, and due to the large number of patients, they cannot attend to all female patients.

A source in the Public Health Department of Ghor explained to 8AM daily newspaper that under a contract, the Humanitarian Aid Agency or “CHA” is responsible for delivering medical supplies to Ghor. According to him, this institution had the responsibility to deliver enough medicine to health centers and clinics at a certain time and before the roads of the districts were blocked, but it has not done so yet. He says that currently several roads from Ghor districts to the center of this province are blocked and it is not possible to send medicine. This source says that there are 81 health and treatment centers in Ghor province, including the provincial hospital, all of which are facing the problem of lack of medicine.

The lack of medicine and female doctors has also provoked sharp criticism from civil activists in Ghor. They warn that if the problem of lack of medicine in the clinics of this province is not solved in the coming winter, they will witness a wave of human casualties.

While the residents of Ghor are complaining about the lack of female doctors and lack of medicine in the health centers of this province, Taliban officials have recently warned that female patients should not visit male doctors from now on.

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