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Ghor senators threaten to cut ties with government if massacre is not prosecuted

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The representative from Ghor province in the Mishrano Jirga (Upper House) and political experts came hard on the government for neglecting security, threatening they would cut ties with central government if the massacre of 33 civilians is not prosecuted seriously in the province.

Senators condemned the killing of 33 civilians by fighters loyal to Daesh (Islamic State) in the western Ghor province on Tuesday evening and asked government to dispatch a delegation including people representative and bring perpetrators before justice as soon as possible.

“If the government does not listen to the voice of Ghor voiceless people regarding prosecution of massacre in the province, we will take decision to not obey anymore from central government,” said political expert Ahmad Saeedi, who is from the province by birth.

He said that government must prosecute killing of innocent civilians by a rebel group, otherwise Ghor people won’t obey central government and will take weapons to fight for their safety.

Saeedi said that taking weapons by Ghor people won’t mean joining Taliban or Daesh, but self-defending.

A group of robbers who have voiced Daesh support killed over 30 civilians in Ghalmin area some 10 kilometers from central Ghor, thus government must be accountable, he insisted.

Senator Keramuddin Rezazada said that “killing of over 30 civilians is not the first tragedy in Ghor, people were witnessed several massacre incident in highway and district of the province in the past one and half year.”

He said that as usual the government pledged to probe the past incidents, but after one and half year government failed to bring perpetrators before justice.

Ghor people want the government to prevent massacres in the province, otherwise, they will make a decision.

Pointing to some clusters inside the system that help rebels in subversive activities, he said that government must take measure to recognize betrayers inside the system and punish them.

Representative of Ghor in Mishrano Jirga said “considering geographical location of Ghor the number of security forces is not enough in the province.”

Rezazada urged the government to revamp over formation of security forces in Ghor province.

It is pertained to mention that Alleged Daesh fighters massacred 33 civilians on Tuesday night after taking them hostage in Ghelmin area of Ghor Province.

They killed civilians in retaliation to killing of their commander, who was killing in operation has been run by Afghan forces to release hostage in the province.

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