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Gilani under prosecution for his irresponsible remarks

AT-KABUL: The Attorney General Office said Tuesday it has started prosecution of a case referred to the prominent politician and former jihadi figure, Sayed Ishaq Gilani.

Gilani, the leader of the National Solidarity Movement, a political party has recently said that India was using Afghan soil against its archrival Pakistan.

His statement sparked a surge of criticisms among Afghans. Gilani later said that his words were distorted, but the intelligence agency blamed him for speaking against the national interest.

Gilani was present for his case prosecution on Tuesday, according to the Attorney General Office.

“We asked Mr. Gilani to come to the attorney general office for further clarifications,” said Jamshid Rasouli, spokesman of the attorney general office, who declined further details.

Some lawmakers praised prosecution of Gilani’s case, calling it a positive step.

“This is a good measure. Everyone no matter if it is minister, parliamentarian or other politicians that speak against the national interest, are traitors and should be punished,” said Abdul Qader Zazi, a member of parliament.

But the lawyers’ association blamed the judiciary body for not prosecuting everyone equally, saying that some powerful people had remarks against the national interest in the past, but they were not prosecuted.

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