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Gilan’s links with Haqqani terrorist network surfaced

AT-KABUL: The ex-spy chief, Rahmatulalh Nabil has revealed the links between Sayed Hamid Gilani and the notorious Haqqani terrorist network—a extremist group in which according to National Directorate of Security (NDS), was the mastermind of May 31 Kabul truck bombing.

In that bombing, more than 150 Kabul residents martyred, and over 500 received injures.

“Gilani is trying closely with a key official within the government to make possible the release of Anas Haqqani, the brother of Sirajuddin Haqqani, the leader of Haqqani Terrorist Network,” Nabil former NDS head said.

“Gilani has repeatedly taken a dangerous Haqqani senior commander named “Shirkhan” from Islamabad of Pakistan to Kabul inside his own vehicles. He has arranged several meetings between him and “Anas Haqqani,” Nabil said in his Facebook page.

Anas Haqqani was detained by brave and compatriot operatives of the NDS, along with another senor leader of the terrorist network in 2014.

Nabil furthered that government actually knows that most suicide attacks have been conducted by Haqqani terrorist network, but their responsibility lies with the so-called Daesh terrorist.

Despite Anas sentenced to death, but still he is in prison. A large number of Afghan masses want Anas to be hanged publicly as revenge to those people who lost their lives due to the group’s terrorist attacks.

But Gilani, the Chairman of Mahaz-e-Milli party, in a press briefing on Tuesday totally brushed aside the report of his support to secure the release of Anas Haqqani, who is in an Afghan prison.

He termed allegations against him regarding the attempts to free Anas Haqqani as baseless.

Nevertheless, Gailani made another remark recently that the Taliban leadership are inside Afghanistan. His remark earned harsh criticism from government leaders, members of Wolesi Jirga, and politicians.

“We no longer accept rumors that the Taliban leadership is outside the country,” Gilani recently told a gathering, adding, “the government says this because of weakness and they can’t do anything else.

“Most of the Taliban leaders are inside the country,” he claimed.

It has been a patent reality known to the entire world that presence of the Taliban leadership is outside Afghanistan. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Abdullah Abdullah while chairing cabinet meeting, said there was no need for explanations on whether Taliban leaders lived in Afghanistan or abroad.

The National Director of Security (NDS) in a statement rejected the claim, saying the irresponsible remark is due to lack of accurate information.

“The irresponsible remark is due to lack of accurate information. Claiming the presence of the Taliban leadership inside the territory of Afghanistan is totally in contrast to the established facts of the whole world and the people of Afghanistan,” the statement added.

“The Taliban leaders are on the other side of the Durand Line and are in major cities in Pakistan,” the statement said, adding that the International Community also accepted this now.

Meanwhile, the parliament rejected remarks by a senior politician on the presence of Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, calling it regrettable.

“Definitely, his (Gilani’s) statements are against the national interests and I am very regretful that he has turned a blind eye to the reality,” parliament speaker, Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi said Monday in the general session.

Saheb Khan, a member of the parliament, said that such remarks should be prevented in what he called “in the sensitive situation of the country”.

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