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Global outcry over women’s NGO jobs ban in Afghanistan


Kabul: The decision to ban women’s work in domestic and international organizations in Afghanistan faced widespread reactions at national and international levels.

UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, said that this decision of the Taliban will have bad consequences in the areas of children’s health, nutrition and the provision of educational services.

UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia, George Laria Adji wrote on his Twitter page, UNICEF stands with every girl and woman in Afghanistan and wants the Taliban to immediately allow all these female humanitarian workers to help vulnerable families and communities.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that this measure will greatly harm the work of aid organizations.

In the press release published by the United Nations Organization, the Secretary-General of the Organization, Antonio Guterres, said that at a time when Afghans need a lot of humanitarian aid, the ban on girls and women working with institutions in Afghanistan will cause difficulty.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a tweet expressed deep concerns about the decision to ban women’s jobs and said “this decision could be devastating for the Afghan people; women are central to humanitarian operations around the world.”

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West said the Taliban has forgotten its real responsibilities to its people.

“The Taliban’s decree barring women from working to deliver humanitarian aid is profoundly irresponsible. It poses mortal risks to millions who depend on life-saving assistance,” West said.

This comes as the suspension of higher education for female students was announced late Tuesday by the Ministry of Higher Education, a decision that sparked widespread reactions at national and international levels.

“Women no longer allowed to work for NGOs; another outrageous act against women, including all those that depend on them through fundamental and self-sacrificing NGO work. The ones who suffer are, once again, the helpers and their beneficiaries, i.e., the weakest and most in need,” said Germany’s embassy for Afghanistan.

Norway’s Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeld “strongly condemned” the decision and called for its immediate reversal.

“I strongly condemn the ban on female employees of NGOs in Afghanistan. This decision must be reversed immediately. Norway will review the situation with its partners and issue an appropriate response,” she said.

The International Rescue Committee has also expressed regret at the ban on women’s work in institutions by the Taliban.

This organization said that 3000 women are working with them in the field of aid delivery in Afghanistan and these workers have an essential role in providing aid to Afghans.

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