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Go after Pakistan-based terrorists: Karzai to Trump

Former president Hamid Karzai has urged US President Donald Trump to honour his campaign promise of dismantling terrorist camps in Pakistan.

Karzai confirmed receiving letters from Barack Obama in 2012, when the outgoing US leader promised degrading terror safe havens in Pakistan, particularly for the Haqqani group and Lashkar-i-Taiba.

In an interview with an Indian daily, Karzai said: “Obama gave many such promises to me, and my disappointment with him was the reason for the difficulties in our relationship.”

He told The Hindu terrorists were trained in Pakistan, where the Americans should have gone and that was where President Trump should go. “I don’t mean war, I mean political action there must get it right, in Pakistan.”

The ex-president had been in India for a conference and attended to his cousin Hashim Karzai, who had been flown to India for treatment after being grievously wounded in a bomb blast on at the Governor’s guest house in Kandahar January 10.

Karzai succumbed to his injuries on Monday, and another relative of former president Yama Quraishi had died on the spot, along with five UAE diplomats.

UAE security officials, while refusing to blame any country until the results of its enquiry come in, have held Afghan security “directly responsible” for the bomb attack.

Karzai said he fully realised the UAE government’s sorrow as an Afghan who had been bereaved as well. “We have to study how explosive material got inside the governors house, why security was lax. There are too many painful questions and need an in depth inquiry.” (PAN)

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