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Going by the book: AGO issues warrants to arrest First VP’s nine bodyguards

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Attorney General Office (AGO) ordered the arrest of nine bodyguards of First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum on charges of abduction and sexual assault of Ahmad Khan Ishchi, former Jawzjan governor. He was allegedly kidnapped on 25th November, and was under captivity for 16 days.

“The prosecution team of AGO has decided to issue arrest warrants of nine bodyguards of the first vice president on charges alleged against them. They were alleged of kidnapping and raping Ishchi,” AGO’s spokesman Jamshid Rasuli said.

He added that AGO “would put utmost efforts to observe the law, and we want the arrest warrant to be implemented” as soon as possible.

Moreover, he added that previously, official letters were sent to the First Vice President Office over the allegation to summon the accused guards. However, he said that they received no response in this regard.

Afghanistan’s First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum was accused of kidnapping, beating and torturing a rival, Ahmad Khan Ishchi. However, General Dostum rejected the allegation and said that he was arrested by the National Directorate of Security (NDS) in Jawzjan.

As soon as Ishchi’ case took surfaced in media, General Dostum rejected allegations regarding abduction, torture and sexual abuse of Ishchi by bodyguards under his authority.

“He was detained by the NDS for his fueling insecurity and funding the anti-government elements,” the first vice president’s office said in a statement at that time.

The statement termed the allegation as a devastating movement by unknown clusters against General Dostum. “This allegation is leveled to defame the first vice president.”

Earlier, Shekib Ishchi, son of Ahmad Khan Ishchi said that his father was kidnapped and tortured by the first vice president in Sheberghan, the capital city of Jawzjan province. The incident took place in a Buzkashi match on 25th November.

“My father was beaten in front of spectators in Buzkashi playground by General Dostum’s bodyguards and later taken to Dostum’s house,” his son added.

He added that his father was in captivity of Dostum for five days and then handed over to intelligence personnel, and was released after 11 days.

He said that his father was a political rival of the first VP. He also remained as Jawzjan governor and police chief.

The calls to arrest vice president’s bodyguards are coming at a time when Afghan people and civil society activistshave come hard on the government over impunity culture in the country which has shattered the foundation of legal and justice system.

They believe that the law is only for poor and ordinary Afghan masses. According to them, powerful people violate laws on daily basis, but the government cannot arrest members of the elite class. They also accused the government of failure to bring its powerful wings before the law.



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