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Good news

The embassy of India to Kabul says it has simplified the visa condition for the Afghan citizens. According to the embassy’s statement, the period for tourist visa has changed to one year during which, the visitor can stay for three months. Previously it was one month.

Also, the business visa term is from one to five years and the Afghan traders can stay there up to 180 days.

As an old and time-tested friend, India has helped the people of Afghanistan in different sectors, from reconstruction to education and from healthcare assistance to cultural cooperation.

Afghan people will not forget New Delhi’s basic works here. Indians have helped us in building roads, dams, health centers. The new building of parliament was also a gift from Indian people to Afghans, while, unfortunately we see efforts by some of other neighboring countries to more destabilize our country.

The new measure on simplifying visa condition is another good news for Afghan people. Afghans travel to India with different purposes. Some go for higher education, others for business, some also want to visit India’s beautiful historic sights. But the majority of them are patients who go there for treatment.

In the past, during the Soviet-backed government when Afghans could not get visa from the most of countries, India was one of a few countries that issued visa for them.

Indians’ welcoming Afghans has another impact too. It sends a message to the world that Afghan people are not supporting terrorism and they are victims of this anti-human act.

While some of the regional countries see their benefit and stability in instability of Afghanistan and try to help for making our country insecure, Indians have always been trying to help Afghans aimed at having a peaceful life. They like Afghanistan to be a stable, secure, self-sufficient and united Afghanistan. Indians know that a peaceful and united Afghanistan is in benefit of the region, while the region will not be safe when Afghanistan is unsafe.

Afghans eager to more strengthen relationships with their Indian friends and their trips there as well as Indians’ visit to Afghanistan would strengthen friendships, especially that Afghans are big fans of the Bollywood movies and stars.

While we are happy to have friendly relations with India, we are also interested in become friends with other regional countries and our neighboring states. To reach this goal, we want these states to positively respond our request so that we have a calm and happy life in the region.

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