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Government denies report over losing guns to Taliban

AT-KABUL: The government denied a report read that Taliban militants possess and use the Afghan army and police’s arms and weapons, saying similar weapons were provided to them from other sources in abroad.

The New York Times quoted US officials as saying that some sophisticated arms of the Afghan army had fallen to Taliban insurgents.

“We don’t know where the weapons come from to Taliban, this is their business. But I can say that we have our own weapons and equipment. Our weapons have not been fallen to the enemy and nobody has grabbed them,” said an official of the army’s commando unit, Qayyoum Nooristani.

Some members of the parliament also confirm the fall of army and police’s weapons to Taliban, calling it a matter of concern.

Shekiba Hashemi, a member of parliament said that some people in the security forces sell their weapons to Taliban.

“There are two reasons in this matter: first those troops who are uncommitted, sell their weapons to the enemies and the second is those persons who come from other side of the border line and join the security forces. The latter’s aim for joining security forces is just selling weapons,” Hashemi said. She asked the intelligence agency to take the matter serious.

The New York Times said that Taliban have intensified attacks especially night raids since they have been using the Afghan army’s weapons particularly the night binoculars.

Prior to the report, Russia’s envoy to Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov had quoted Taliban officials saying that they were buying weapons illegally from the Afghan army and police officers.

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