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Government forms negotiating team to sabotage peace process: Analysts

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KABUL: Political analysts say that individuals close to government were appointed in

A number of political analysts believe that the government was to repeat its failed experiences by forming the council of reconciliation leadership, arguing that the council was very similar to the existing high peace council that was formed in 2010.

These analysts accuse the government of appointing its supporters in the reconciliation council.

The new council is responsible to shape the 22-person team that is expected to hold peace talks with Taliban.

Taliban sources also accuse President Ghani’s administration of discouraging the group from negotiation by appointing its supporters in the council.

Meanwhile, a former Taliban member calls on both the government and the insurgents not to lose the current chance created for peace talks.

Sayed Akbar Agha said on Monday that situation was suitable now than any other time and both the government and Taliban should use it properly to reach a peace agreement.

He suggested “more work” should be done for trust building and providing space for a face to face negotiation between government and Taliban.

He added that foreign soldiers should leave Afghanistan, because their presence has caused continuing war and bloodshed that claims the lives of Afghans on daily basis.

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