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Government is restricting access to information


KABUL: The appointment of a new spokesman for the security departments is another effort by the government to restrict access to the information.

Waheed Omer, Director General Office of Public and Strategic Affairs Government of Afghanistan on Tuesday introduced the new spokesman, Gen. Ajma Shinwari.

As sever clashes rage on across the country- with the Taliban running rapid territorial gains- the government tries to bring restriction on access to the information. Earlier, the government intended to enforce an amendment that could affect the freedom of press but the scheme was cancelled after the media outlets and watchdogs showed a strong backlash.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press are the main pillars of democracy. The Afghans are already caught in ambiguity and vague about the ongoing complicated chaos as violence lingers across the country.

The journalists are facing trouble to get access to the information as the government spokesmen, particularly the security departments- are not providing information to the media.  The Afghan journalists have been working amid a high level of violence. They have lost their precious lives in targeted-killings and bombings. Unfortunately, the government has failed to probe their cases and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Earlier, the Reporters Sans Border described Afghanistan as world’s worst country for the journalists. But despite all existing troubles, the media has continued functioning and providing neutral information for their people. The government should not only stop restricting the media instead of restricting the media.

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