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Government Media Center accused of disordering peace festival

AT-KABUL: The Afghanistan Peace Foundation and Jahesh Organization alleged that the Government Media and Information Center had not helped them holding a program, accusing it of hampering it “intentionally”.

“The Peace Foundation and Jahesh Organization held the peace festival program on Thursday in the Government Media Center hall, but it was hampered by its staff,” Yasir Ebrar, chief executive for the foundation said Saturday.

He stressed that the program was arranged to grant peace awards to those who had worked well for peace in their respective areas.

He claimed that the government media center personnel “intentionally created constrains and cut off the electricity during program, closed some toilets, switched off the sound system and prevented the guests to get the program”.

“It was the first national program for peace encouragement, but unfortunately, it was repressed in the growing by the employees of the Government Media and Information Center,” Ebrar mentioned.

Head of Jahesh Organization, Tamanna said that the organization had worked for six months to hold the peace festival program, but the media center “disturbed within one hour”.

“We faced with a lot of problems. The guards of the center brought dogs and checked the guests, and they did not allowed some of the guests to enter the hall,” she asserted.

She asked the government to bring some changes in the media center activities, firing those who “sabotaged” the program from their positions.

“Nobody has yet paid attention to our complaint for the media center personnel.”

The Government Media Information Center provides media services for government and non-government organizations.

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