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“Government of Afghanistan is incompetent”

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The popular American newspaper has recently reported that the Afghan government is the most corrupt, incompetent and puppet one.

Washington Times, one of the leading US newspapers has said that Afghanistan has no value as compared to a bone of a common US soldier. It added, “If the US congress did not announce war against al-Qaeda, Taliban and Islamic State (IS), aka Daesh terrorists, then the Trump administration should have pullout US soldiers from Afghanistan.”

It furthered, “despite 16 year long war, still there is something wrong on the bottom.” The newspaper furthered, “Trump would face a legacy of 15 years illegal war.”

According to the paper, this war annually costs 128 billion dollars, if counted on daily basis it comes to 300 million dollars per day. “Trump through the Constitution and the law could get rid of the war in Afghanistan.”

According to the article 11 of the US constitution, it is the responsibility of the Congress to decide anything about war, the newspaper added.

The newspaper believes that Congress should declare war against al-Qaeda, Taliban and Daesh terrorists. “If the war not announced against militant outfits within 30 days, then Trump should withdraw US forces from Afghanistan.”

The paper pointed out that Afghan government is corrupt, incompetent and even security institutions of the country are the victim of corruption.

It furthered went on saying, “Russia, and China are aiding Taliban insurgents to undermine US mission in Afghanistan.”


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