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Government of caretakers

The two leaders of the unity government are apparently still looking for ‘competent’ persons to fill the vacancies of defense ministry and intelligence agency since they took power 20 months ago. The president and chief executive usually promise the people that they would solve this problem “in the near future”.

In his recent statement, President Ashraf Ghani loudly said in front of the people’s representatives at the house of people, the Wolesi Jirga, some three weeks ago that the nominees of the ministry of defense and the national directorate of security would be introduced to parliament for the vote of confidence.

The defense ministry is directed by caretakers since the beginning of the new government in September, 2014. Some nominees for the positions were rejected by the lawmakers, and as they were the only scholars across Afghanistan, the government had to ask them to run the post as caretakers.

The top defense and security organs lack directors as the Taliban militants have intensified attacks against the security forces in different provinces. This has caused a big concern for the people who expected Mr. Ghani for great performances.

The president and his electoral rival turned partner in the administration are believed to have problems in dividing the power, so they cannot agree to select a specific individual for these positions.

While people’s lives are in danger, the two leaders are struggling to overcome their insider differences.

This is a big shame for a government that has failed to complete its cabinet members for some two years. What can people expect such government about their personal and social security, fight with corruption and provide education and employment for their youth?

Foreign countries are usually blamed by our leaders for the deteriorating security, but they have never thought that part of this situation is themselves.

Massoum Stanekzai is a respectful person, but he is not the only one to lead this or that ministry. When the legislators give negative vote for a government’s candidate, the president should introduce another one. We have to work for democracy, in which different people with different ideologies serve for their homeland in the same government if we believe democracy.

There are several military officers with higher education and great experiences that should be asked to take part in serving Afghanistan. No problem if they are not from our political parties or have served for a previous regime.

People want the government to bring security and stability for them and the government is very responsible to meet the nation’s demands.

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