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Government says to ban illegal mining

AT News Report

KABUL: The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum says it would ban “illegal exploitation of mineral resources” to serve national interests.

Acting Minister, Narges Nehan, said Wednesday at a press conference that the ministry began survey across the country to find illegal exploitation of mineral resources and ultimately ban illegal mining.   

She added that the ministry approved a roadmap which included government’s “broader policy” toward mining. The efforts were aimed at legalization of mineral exploitation.

“We have approved and offered findings from four provinces to the National Security Council,” said Ms. Nehan. “We found the exact locations and the kind of minerals that were illegally extracted in the four provinces.”

She noted that the ministry revised mining and hydrocarbon law to pave way for more investment in the mining sector.

“We have finalized the regulation of mining and have sent a copy to the ministry of justice for review,” said Ms. Nehan. “We are hoping to have approval of The National Security Council in the next few weeks.”

The ministry mines and petroleum increased efforts to convince foreign investors for investing in the country. But amid the raging war, illegal mining remained widespread and handful investors took the risk to invest in the country.

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