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Government sells private lands to beverage company

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KABUL: More than 140 acres of lands the government’s cabinet sold to Alokozay, a non-alcoholic beverage company were the properties of a man named Karabala Khan.

The Sputnik news agency reported on Tuesday that the lands lying in the Deh Sabz district, east of Kabul were sold 2015 to the Alokozay company in the absence of the landlord Khan.

The news agency said that totally 143 acres of lands were belonged to Khan were sold to the company under the name of government-owned plots.

According to report, the lands were sold in a very low price (each square meter for 2 dollars), while the price of land is between 500 and 600 dollars per square meter.

The lands are surrounded by a modern township in the east, Kabul international airport in the west and a strategic highway in the south that connects Kabul to the eastern provinces of Nangarhar, Laghman and Kunar.

The company has blockaded the lands with large metal containers and its guards did not allow Sputnik cameraman to film.

Officials in the ministry of urban development acknowledge that the lands were approved by tge cabinet to be sold to Alokozay company, but President Ghani’s Spokesman, Dawakhan Minapal says the ministry offered the sale of lands.Presidential office asked for information from the ministry of finance about the claim of Abdul Ghani, advocate of Fatema the alleged owner of the lands, but the ministry’s spokesman that a department responsible for lands was integrated with the ministry of urban development, so they were no longer responsible.

Separately, the ministry of urban development says they had no evidence from selling of the lands.

But a letter from Deh Sabz district court to Kabul water reservoir department shows that the sold land was part of 170 acres of lands belonging to a person name Karbala Khan, not to government.

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