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Government to probe civilian casualties in airstrike in Nimroz

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KABUL: The government has started an investigation over civilian casualties in an airstrike carried out in Nimroz province in the southwest.

Some 18 people including women and children were killed when a government aerial attack hit residential area in the Khashrod district, according to provincial officials and witnesses.

Baz Mohammad Naser, head of provincial council said Sunday that the strike was targeting Taliban sanctuaries while a bomb was mistakenly dropped on a house in Manzari neighborhood.

He said that two people were also injured.

Zainullah Zowak, a witness in the area, said that seven women were among the dead. He claimed that all the victims were members of the same family.

Rahmat Omari, provincial spokesman confirmed that the government air force hit a residential area, but did not elaborate. However, he said that a fact finding team was sent to the area for investigation.

The injured were transported to the provincial capital of Zaranj for treatment.

An army unit based in Nimroz said that the strike took place against Taliban insurgents, claiming that a great number of the insurgents were killed and wounded.

The army unit did not accept civilian casualties, saying they would share the results of the investigation with the people.

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