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Govt. Asked To Clarify Allegation over Explosives Import by Media

Media watchdog says such statements in “this very dangerous time where journalists and media professionals are directly targeted can harm freedom of expression”

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KABUL: The Afghan Journalists’ Safety Committee calls on the interior ministry to provide details about its allegation that a media outlet had hands in transferring of explosives.

Tareq Aryan, spokesman of the interior ministry had claimed on Twitter that a private media company was involved in transferring explosives to Kabul.

The Journalists’ Safety Committee called the allegation as a matter of concern.

It said Monday in a statement that ministry of interior who is responsible for public security, needs to be very careful and release accurate information, because inauthentic information confuse public opinion.“Such statements in a situation that journalists and media are directly targeted, hurt freedom of expression,” it said.

It asked the interior ministry to seriously investigate the issue and obey the law if their allegation proved false.

According to reports, the runner of a private broadcaster had imported some firecrackers for the Nowruz festival fireworks. This was mistaken by the interior ministry as explosives.

The media supporting agency NAI said that Arezo private TV was the subject of allegations. It said that documents explain that only firecrackers were imported, not explosives.

The Arezo TV is run by a national businessman and he has imported firecrackers for the Nowruz festival.
Some journalists say that media is part of achievements in the past 20 years and they should not become the subject of baseless and false allegations. They say that accusing the media is the beginning of a project to defame media outlets and suffocate freedom of expression.
“Using the name and address of the media for cooperation with terrorists is not justifiable. The respected media have been in a serious threat and have given many sacrifices. The media should be kept separated from terrorists,” Shah Hussain Murtazawi, President Ghani’s adviser wrote on Facebook.

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