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Govt. bans private medical varsities

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KABUL: The government has banned a number of private universities where medical sciences are taught, ministry of higher education said Saturday.

The ministry banned six of the universities from holding entrance exams, while another 20 ones were forbidden of enrolling students.

“The decision was made in a cabinet meeting and ministry of higher education only implemented the decision. 20 out of 45 private medical universities were recognized not good and were prohibited from enrolling students and six others are banned from teaching medical science,” said Faisal Amin, spokesman of the ministry.

He added that the ministry monitors activities of private universities from time to time.

A delegation from ministries of higher education and public health probed activities of the private medical universities. The delegation presented their findings to the cabinet meeting which decided to ban a number of these universities for performing weak. Some other universities received deadlines to standardize their curriculums.

131 private universities and other higher education institutes are active across the country, according to the minister of higher education.

The cabinet decision was welcomed by some medical experts, who claimed that some private medical universities were unqualified to teach future doctors.

“These universities lack laboratories and training hospitals for practical studies. I welcome the decision because it will help universities to get standardized and present clever doctors to the society,” said Dr. ParwizEqbal, a medical expert.

A large number of people go to India and Pakistan annually for medical treatment because they don’t trust medical science and doctors at home.

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