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‘Govt. based on fraud votes not acceptable’

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KABUL: Leaders of the prominent political parties and members of electoral tickets have committed to stand against election frauds, warning that they would oppose any government which made through fraudulence and corruption elections.

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, leader of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, presidential hopeful Rahmatullah Nabi and prominent political figures, Mohammad Karim Khalili, and Muhammad Mohaqiq in a gathering have called on Afghan security forces to hold their impartiality in the election tensions.

In a statement issued after their meeting, they urged the international community to act neutrally in the election and support transparency and people’s rights.

Referring to the peace process, the political and electoral figures said that peace is the priority of Afghan people, emphasizing “this national process should be rescued from monopoly of a certain individual or facet.”

The Afghanistan September 28th presidential polls are on the verge of its tensions. The ongoing disputes between the IEC and electoral a number of electoral tickets have ruined people’ trust on election process. The preliminary results have not been announced so far as the IEC struggling to overcome the recounting process of votes due to ongoing protests by the supporters of “Stability and Partnership” electoral team, led by chief executive Abdullah Abdullah.    

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