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Govt committed to ensure peace, stability: Abdullah

AT-KABUL: The Chief Executive of the National Unity Government (NUG), Abdullah Abdullah, on Monday assured that the government will make all out efforts to ensure peace and stability in the country.

Abdullah’s office said he made the remarks in a session of the Council of Ministers.

He said that though militants are trying to stage a comeback to power but they have failed. “Security forces have defeated militants. The NUG and the security forces are struggling day and night to thwart enemy’s attacks and defend the country,” he added.

The Chief Executive hinted at a number of hurdles ahead of security forces, and said such problems exist in absence of foreign troops but the obstacles will be removed in near future.

He pledged that the government will equip the security forces using the 4.5 million assistance provided by the international community. “Part of the money will be spent on training the security forces,” he stated.

“Retaking the Nawa district of Ghazni is a blow to enemies of peace who had invested in the district for years. Tens of suicide and other attacks were directed from this terror center,” he said.

The remarks come as fights are ongoing between security forces and militants in parts of the country. Critics believe that war by militants will not continue longer in Afghanistan.

Quoted by Radio Azadi, Mirza Yarmand, the former deputy interior minister, said the Taliban militants are not able to resist against the security forces. He suggested that the government should better use capacity of the security forces in fight against militants.

“Daesh and the Taliban militants are no more than 36,000 individuals therefore they are not able to take control of cities and make a comeback to power. They are engaged in a guerilla and a proxy war,” he said.

He said the groups have not been made to govern and make a comeback to power; they don’t have the ability to defeat the government.

Other critics say they trust the ability and capability of the security forces against rebels, but the security agencies lack a better management, which needs serious attention by its leaders.

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