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Govt downplays Taliban’s spring offensive as ‘propaganda’

AT-KABUL: The government in reaction to the announcement of Taliban’s spring offensive, downplayed it only as a “propaganda”, alleging that the militants have lost ability in the battleground.

Taliban on Wednesday announced the beginning of their annual offensive usually starts in April or May by the weather warming. The insurgents have named their spring offensive as “Khandaq” (Ditch), referring to one of Prophet Mohammad’s wars took place in 627.

Taliban in a statement said that the offensive would mostly focus on targeting Afghan and US troops.

But the ministry of defense said that the insurgents would gain nothing through the offensive, with spokesman Mohammad Radmanesh saying that the security and defense forces would stand with complete ability against the insurgents.

“The defense and security forces will stand against anything the terrorists plan to launch by any name. The Khandaq offensive is just propaganda through which, the terrorists try to cover their defeats,” Radmanesh said.

Meanwhile, senators said that those who choose war instead of peace, should face a tough respond from the security forces.

“The government should take a serious stance against those who resort war and not peace. Security forces should intensify operations against them. Insurgents are not interested in peace and we want the government to adopt offensive position,” said deputy senate, Asef Seddiqi.

But a military expert Mohammad Gol Mojahed, called the Taliban’s offensive a matter of concern, asking the government to be vigilant.

The army started the operation Nosrat against the militants, saying that hundreds of them have been so far killed and injured.

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