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Govt extends truce, Taliban resumes fighting 

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Following unprecedented ceasefire between government and Taliban group, the National Unity Government decided to extend truce by 10 days more, despite the fact that Taliban refused to observe it and have already resumed operation.

It was the most peaceful Eid ever, in which no bullets fired by both sides (Afghan security forces, and Taliban fighters), rather they embraced each other, projecting a fantastic scenes of celebrating Eid days.

The Eid festive jointly celebrated with Taliban members came out from their hideouts roamed freely in cities, towns, taking selfies, hugging security forces and civilians. This was scenario across the country as even female Afghans took out to the streets to celebrate ceasefire by taking photos with Taliban members. Taliban limbs enjoyed Eid days with no hesitation of taking photos with provincial governors, security forces. Furthermore, in Kabul, the capital city, the Interior Minster Wais Ahmad Barak click pictures with Taliban members, indicting most trustworthy ground than ever for peace talks.

Moreover, without any fear, both security forces and Taliban members posed for pictures together. The blessing of peace was shinning ever before as zero Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters killed or wounded in these three days.

The Afghan masses across the country have widely welcomed truce with expectation of prolonging for more days. By announcing extra ceasefire days, the government respected the people’s demand, but Taliban not only rejected but also resumed fighting. However, still here is chance to announce new truce days to accomplish masses wish.

The ceasefire with the Taliban group was extended for ten more days. The decision was taken during meeting of the National Security Council (NSA) chaired by President Ashraf Ghani.

Security institutions have been placed on high alert across the country and security forces stand ready to response to any attacks in defending the country, President Ghani was quoted, as saying in a statement issued by Presidential Palace.

According to statement, President Ghani would hold session with Ulema, civil activists, political parties, media outlets, women activists, and youths in a bid to consult the ceasefire.

Appreciating international partners for supporting ceasefire, he said three days truce has revealed that Afghan nation is thirsty for peace. However, expectation for prolong truce has been fade away after the Taliban group refused to stuck on beyond Sunday night.

The group spokesman, Zabihuallah Mujahid in a statement, said to make alleviate and bring comfort to the countrymen and women to celebrate Eid festivities, the Islamic Emirate announced ceasefire and implemented it successfully.

The ceasefire has nothing to do with Kabul government’s ceasefire, the spokesman said, adding it was just for wellbeing of the nation which is ended on Sunday night.

Mujahideen throughout the country ordered to continue their operations against the foreign invaders and their internal supporters as before, Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman, who once caught operating from Pakistan, has said.

Years ago Zabihullah Mujahid revealed his location in a tweet that he posted on Friday October 2014 from Sindh, Pakistan. Mujahid’s position was disclosed when he tweeted about an insurgent attack on his twitter account where he may have forgotten to switch off the location indicator on his phone.

Nevertheless, as soon as ceasefire declared off, Taliban insurgents resumed attacking security checkpoints in some provinces.

One thing is for must that ceasefire and jointly Eid celebrations of Afghan security forces and Taliban members plus civilians, caused maddening for Daesh (IS) extremist group, who conducted waves of attacks in eastern Nangarhar province to frail their happiness. Two suicide bombings in second and third Eid days among local people and Taliban members, who gathered to celebrate Eid, have killed over 50 people and wounded more than 100 others. Only Nangarhar was ripped by two acts of violence, the rest provinces were in peace.

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