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‘Govt. leaders’ resignation not a solution’

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Afghanistan National and Jihadi Parties Council (ANJPC), on Sunday has said that resignation of the top leadership of the unity government is not a proper solution to the problems of security crise calling on the government to address the legal demands of the protesters.

While talking to a press conference here in Kabul, Zamaryalai Ahadi, ANJPC political committee head said, the council has strongly condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Zanbaq Square, the shelling on protestors and the triple suicide attacks at funeral ceremony of a lawmaker’s son.

Participants of Friday’s protest demanded the president and the CEO have to be step down for their failure to ensure security for the public. A violent clash was happened between police and protesters when the protesters made an attempt to enter the Presidential Palace.

A day later on Saturday, funeral ceremony for the son of Meshrano Jirga deputy chairman Mohammad Alam Ezedyar was attacked by three suicide bombers in Badam Bagh area of Kabul which resulted in killing of seven people and 119 others sustained injuries. The son of Alam Ezedyar was killed as a result of violent clash between the police force and protesters on Friday.

Moreover, Ahadi emphasized on the government to investigate the recent attacks and prosecute and punished police officers who opened fire at the protestors.

He also added those who misused the emotions of protestors should also be interrogated and brought them to justice.

He said dismissal of some circles from the system was also not a way to resolve the issue.

He claimed only national unity and consensus on issues could help the Afghans to get out of the miserable conditions.

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