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Govt. must ensure safety of voters; Poll panel

AT News Report-KABUL: The government is responsible to provide security for the voters and voting stations on the election day, the Independent Election Commission said Saturday, adding that the security organs had vowed to ensure security of over 5,000 voting centers across the country. It added that 5,106 polling stations would be open on the election day.

“The security bodies are committed to provide security for 5,106 voting stations in 21 areas. 50,000 troops have been deployed for the security of election. There is nothing so far to be concerned for regarding the election and the government is responsible for this,” said Zabihollah Sadat, deputy spokesman of the commission.

He cited security officials as saying that more operations were launched for the election day.

Earlier, the interior ministry had said reported of stationing 50,000 security forces in the polling stations, assuring that people would have a secure election.

The comments come as 2,000 voting stations are still closed because of security threats, according to reports.

Besides, parliament candidates and their campaigners are targeted by terrorist attacks, and electoral watchdogs say that the closed polling stations would remain closed because the threat was high in those areas.

“The election would not be nationwide, because 25 per cent of the polling stations are closed,” said head of the Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA).



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