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Govt, Noor settle dispute; President may appoint a governor of Noor’s choice

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The long dragged and debated dispute between the ousted governor of northern Balkh province and the central government over the transfer of authority to a new governor has been resolved through negotiations.

Commenting on the new, but productive development, Afzal Hadid, head of Provincial Council in Balkh province said two days back, NDS Chief Masoom Stanikzai and adviser Salam Rahimi have conducted successful talks with Noor in which the two sides reached a final agreement.

“Negotiations were successful and the nation would hear a good new about the dispute between Noor and Ghani,” he said.

Without displaying required information, Hadid disclosed the deal made between the Presidential Palace and the ousted governor. Despite it, other sources have also confirmed the settlement of dispute between Noor and President Ghani government.

Contradicting to Hadid, Jamiat-i-Islami party spokesman, Zabihullah Fitrat has strongly rejected the agreement between Presidential Palace and Noor and said any government delegation had not yet visited Balkh or Noor.

However, sources confirmed the settlement of the dispute over the transfer of governorship in Balkh province. According to sources, Atta Mohammad Noor would be replaced by a new governor of his choice.

Some months back, President Ghani approved Noor’s resignation and appointed Eng. Mohammad Dawood as new governor to Balkh, but Noor opposed the decision and refused to leave the governor house.

Commenting on the agreement between Presidential Palace and Noor, Abdul Zamir Qayyumi, secretary for Dawood, said they had not yet received formal information about the agreement with Noor.

“Eng Dawood has been appointed by the President and he is governor of Balkh,” he said.

The ousted governor Noor, backed by his political party, Jamiat-e-Islami run a massive public campaign against the government decision and repeatedly refused to accept the decision. The United States of America also jumped into the issue and emphasized on the parties to resolve the dispute over transfer of power to a new governor. The US Vice President Mike Pence discussed the issue with President Ashraf Ghani in a telephonic conversation, followed by a statement from White House and the twits by the US ambassador to Kabul to resolve the dispute peacefully and according the country’s constitution. Settlement of dispute over the governorship for Balkh province has been widely welcomed the people and express their optimism in peace and political stability in the country. The government and opposition benches inside and outside the parliament should be on the same page when it comes to national interests, peace, political and economic stability in the country.

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