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Govt officials, lawmakers blamed for Badakhshan’s insecurity

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: A number of experts, activists and residents of the northeastern Badakhshan province the other day held a gathering in Kabul to exchange views on growing insecurity in northern provinces.

Participants of the event claimed that a number of government officials and members of the parliament were behind deteriorated security situation in the country. They said that MPs and government officials from Badakhshan have hand in insecurity in the province in order to chase their own political and economic aims.

Waqif Hakimi, an analyst in political affairs, told the gathering that lawmakers and judiciaries should stop interference in Badakhshan. He said the government is also blamed for growing insecurity in the province as it paves the ground for MPs’ illegal inference in Badakhshan. “The current emergence of the Taliban rebels in Badakhshan was planned several years back. Rivalries and illegal interference of lawmakers in some parts of the province has raised insecurity in the province,” he added.

Another participant, Abdul Wadud, said the government is not interested and committed to suppress the Taliban in Badakhshan, or it has deliberately ignored influence of the militants in the northeastern province.

He suggested the government to assign a fact finding team to find the root cause for escalating insecurity in Badakhshan.

Musa Juyinda, a participant of the event, said that Badakhshan’s situation is worsening as even MPs are not able to travel to the province for assessing its situation.

He urged the government to pay serious attention in this regard and uproot insecurity in the province.

Hinting at joblessness among Badakhshan youth, he said dozens of highly educated young generation are jobless in the province. According to him, unemployment is the main reason that pushes the youth to join militants.

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