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Govt., political parties offer different peace plans

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KABUL: The high reconciliation council says that they are evaluating different plans prepared by President Ghani and political parties regarding peace.

President Ghani is expected to publicize his peace plan today (Wednesday).

Feraidoon Khozon, spokesman of the reconciliation council, said Tuesday that totally 25 plans have been sent to them and the council was working to make a united and comprehensive one from them.

“Then we will send the plan to Turkey for discussion in the conference,” he said.

The Turkey conference on Afghan peace is reportedly held in less than 10 days.

“We hope to unite the peace plans,” Atta Noor, head of Jamiat party said.

Ghani’s plan is summarized to negotiations with Taliban, transitional government and the situation post-transitional government.

Sources say that Ghani’s plan insists that his and his two deputies’ posts should be maintained until election.“I think the United States has offered the best plan that should be implemented. The plans made in Kabul have not emphasized on transitional government and other things,” said Sayed Ishaq Gilani, leader of National Movement party in Kabul.

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