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Govt ponders new anti-corruption campaigns

AT-KABUL: Afghan government has confirmed the U.S.-funded Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) report over embezzlement of international community’saidfor the reconstruction of the country, but contended that it is considering putting in place new mechanisms to fight corruption.

Omid Maisam, spokesman of the chief executive, said Tuesday that good structures were made through which, the donations would be spent based on transparency.

“There is a serious determination in the leadership of the government in struggle against corruption, and we have for the first time a national strategy for this. New mechanisms such as the judicial center have been made that help us in transparency. We try not to repeat mistakes that were done in the past,” said Maisam.

The SIGAR has claimed that a big part of the international donation was embezzled by the warlords. It did not name a specific person, but said that the donated money was shifted to the Dubai banks or was spent in buying new-modeled vehicles.

The United States and other Western countries helped expansion of corruption in Afghanistan by pouring countless money in the lack of a monitoring system, according to SIGAR. It has called on the donors to stop sending money to Afghanistan until a monitoring system comes to the country.

Lawmakers also confirm that a big part of international donation was misused in Afghanistan.

“Yes, the donations were misused and we need to take prevention measures against those involved in the corruption all including insiders, outsiders, mujahideen, eastern and western. This country will not be rebuilt unless corruption is prevented. The donors also need to pay attention in the fight against corruption and we support them,” said Sayed Mohammad Hassan Sahirfi Balkhabi, head of the parliament’s reforms commission.

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