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‘Govt reckless in fighting human rights abusers’

AT-KABUL: A human rights watchdog accused the government of being reckless in fighting human rights violation, claiming that there is no political will in the government for trial of the human rights violators.

The statement came one day after chief executive Abdullah Abdullah said in the UN human rights council conference that Afghanistan is determined in probing allegations and accusations over the human rights violation.

Lal Gul Lal, head of the Afghanistan Human Rights Organization, said Tuesday that not trail of the human rights abusers is an element of violence.

“I think that there was no political will in this regard since 2001. I hope Abdullah’s remarks be fulfilled,” Lal said.

He praised government’s efforts in probing crimes carried out by the armed opposition groups, but said the leaders of these groups who had hands in violation of human rights, were not prosecuted.

1.17 million Afghans registered their complaints online after the international criminal tribunal issued statement for receiving complaints of war crimes.

Though the exact time of the court’s probe of the complaints is not yet clear, but the transition justice group says it would begin next month.

Some parliamentarians say that the presence of war criminals in power and political differences are menaces before the trial of human rights violators.

“Political tensions are obstacles before the trial of them. You know that the president has not managed to dismiss a powerful provincial governor,” said lawmaker, Abdul Qader Zazai.

But Omid Maisam, a spokesman of the chief executive assured that the government was committed to ensure people’s rights, acknowledging that there were problems in this regard.

Afghanistan for the first time took a seat in the UN human rights council and its representative will be present in the council for three years.

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