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Govt rejects reports over intelligence cooperation with Pakistan

AT News Report-KABUL: The government denied reports over an agreement between Kabul and Islamabad based on which, the two sides would exchange intelligence information.

Some parliamentarians claimed Monday that the government in meeting with Pakistnai officials had agreed to share information on intelligence issues with Pakistan as well as to dismiss Kandahar police chief, Abdul Razeq.

But presidential spokesman, Shah Hossein Mortazavi, called the MPs’ allegations baseless, saying no agreement took place.

“What was agreed with Pakistani delegation in their visit to Kabul, was shared with people through the media and nothing is beyond. We ask the honorable MPs to get enough information about an issue before talking on,” Mortazavi said.

Following is what was talked with Prime Minister Abbasi in Kabul, according to ministry of foreign affairs:

Pakistan’s support for Afghan-led peace process

Measure against the people who are threatening security in the two countries

Not use each other’s soil against each other

Prevention of violations along the Durand Line

Foreign ministry also reports of agreement on creating a mechanism with the aim of monitoring and coordination along the Durand Line, carried out by the two countries’ representatives.

Political analyst, Entezar Khadem, called the lawmakers’ statements as “rumor”, saying such expectations from Pakistan side means “direct intervention” on Afghan affairs.

“I don’t think that happened because that is against all diplomatic norms that Pakistan asks for dismissal of our police chief. I can just say that this remark of lawmakers is a drama and a myth,” Khadem said.

He looks optimistic to the Pakistan-Afghanistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity, but said it would likely not have positive results.

Discussion on the Pakistan-Afghanistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity took place after January’s deadly ambulance attack in the center of Kabul city, and Afghan and Pakistani civil and military officials have so far held three sessions.

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