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Govt. releases 500 inmates to prevent virus pandemic

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KABUL: Officials in the western province of Herat say that 500 prisoners would be released based on President Ahsraf Ghani’s decree aimed to prevent further outbreak of Coronavirus and to save their lives.

Herat was the first place where the virus infected people with the refugees transferring it from neighboring Iran.

Meanwhile, in charges in the provincial prison say they took practical measures to fight the virus spread in jail.

According to presidential decree, inmates with less than five year’s remained service period are to be released.

“A delegation worked on the inmates’ files. 144 of them were released last night five of them ladies,” Monesa Hassanzada, deputy provincial governor said Sunday. “We are working on the files of other prisoners and more than 400 others will be released based on president’s pardon decree.”

Most of the released people were held for criminal cases and traffic accidents.

Sharif Ahmad and Soltan Ahmad who have been freed, promised not to commit crime.

“We are very happy that we are free today. We hope other inmates be also released so that their lives are saved from Corona,” said Sharif Ahmad.

“I was freed for prevention of Corona virus. I try not to commit crime,” Soltan Ahmad, another inmate said.

“We are in quarantine for 40 days. The inmates’ contacts with their relatives are cut. We are sanitizing all the cells,” said Maiwand Samadi, head of Herat prison.

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