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Govt says no parallel political structure acceptable, door of peace talks open

The govt says it wouldn’t accept any parallel political structure; it clearly refers to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which paints itself a parallel political setup 

By Farhad Naibkhel-Kabul: As the Taliban movement has been hit by a growing leadership crisis after the death of its supreme leader, Mullah Omar, the government announced the Taliban and other armed militant groups will only be known as dissident armed groups and will not accept any “parallel political structure” opposed to the government. This refers to the Taliban, who still call themselves the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and a parallel political setup. A press statement issued by the presidential media office late Sunday night said the government has been keeping a close tab on the recent changes in the Taliban movement and the Haqqani Network leadership.

The statement said the government the only representative of the people of Afghanistan strictly declares that no parallel political structures and anti-government movements will be acceptable. “The government enjoys full support of the nation and sternly resists any parallel political setup,” the statement added. The government made it clear that it will keep the door of peace talks open.

Any group that engages in the fight against the government and the people of the country has gone astray and fallen for enemies’ propaganda, the statement said. “The government denounces any movement and act that derail peace efforts. The government is trying to its best to overcome the bloodshed of the people of Afghanistan and calls upon the Taliban to take the road of peace negotiations,” the statement furthered. The government fully believes in the defense capabilities of Afghan security forces and the strength of the people, who all are on the same page against the militants.

Fledgling peace talks between Kabul and the Taliban halted last week when officials announced the Taliban supreme commander Mullah Mohammad Omar had died in April 2013 in Pakistan’s port city Karachi. Signs of divisions in the Taliban emerged Sunday when the brother of the ex-Taliban leader Mullah Omar said he and others have yet to swear allegiance to the new head of the group, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor. It will be seen how the Taliban and the government resumes the peace talks as a last peace dialogue was held in Murree, a tourist resort in Pakistan, last month.

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