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Govt seeks legitimacy to electoral process via opposition parties

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The election commission recently held a meeting with representatives of political parties, anti-government political alliances, national Security Council and European Union (EU) ambassador to Afghanistan to seek legitimacy to electoral process, the daily Weesa reported.

According to Weesa report, government officials make efforts to assure participation of political parties in upcoming electoral process which is necessary for legitimacy of President Ashraf Ghani to be elected for the second term.

In a meeting, the election commission has emphasized on all the political parties to help the government in establishing ceasefire with Taliban during the upcoming general elections of Wolesi Jirga, Provincial Councils and Presidency.

The meeting was disrupted as dispute happened among officials of election commission and representatives of political parties.

After the dispute, the EU envoy said good bye to meeting, and left for his office.

The daily furthered, the leadership of the existing government is making constant efforts to shape the electoral process in their favor which is needed for participation of political parties in the process.

A member of the Afghanistan’s New National Front, Sadiq Patman said, “We have rejected government’s plan.”

He said the government is seeking political parties’ contributions in irrelevant issues rather than complete independency to the election commission.

Moreover, Naim Ayubzada Director of the Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA), said the ongoing political game by the government indicates its goals for the future. “The government is planning to use government machinery for winning in the upcoming elections.”

Efforts for success of President Ashraf Ghani in next presidential election are underway at a time when a large number of political parties and individuals termed the government incompetent to run affairs of the country.

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