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Govt slammed for failure to begin e-Tazkiras distribution

AT-KABUL: The Afghan Nation Party showed reaction over recent draft of the electronic ID cards (e-Tazkiras), and said that the National Unity Government (NUG) has failed to resolve the current challenges in the process.

The Chairman of the Nation Party Astana Gul Shirzad called on the government to include personal information in terms of ‘nation, religion and tribe’ in e-Tazkira.

“The only problem in the process is to insert nation, religion and tribe in e-Tazkira,” he said, adding that the there is no other problem.

He called on the NUG government to take decisive decision about national and global issues in order to prevent any kind of crisis in the country.

There is not decisive decision since the formation of the NUG, he added.

“The government should ask people and listen to their demands. Their suggestion is a key for improvement and development of Afghanistan,” he furthered.

The government had earlier pledged to implement issuance of the e-ID cards as soon as possible. Two years passed since establishment of the government, but it failed to issue e-ID cards.

According to experts beside positive impact over security, e-ID cards will help the government to run a free and fair election across the country.

Afghan Analysts Network in a report, published in January this year, said the e-ID cards can be a good step; it will give accurate picture of population data in Afghanistan, standard ID documents about nation as well as provide the number of eligible and reliable voters’ lists. Although the government has started the project of issuance of e-ID cards over two years ago, but unfortunately it was not implemented till date due to some political controversies in the country.

As per the report, the agreement that established the NUG lists five commitments linked to the convening of a Loya Jirga (that is to decide on the CEO position within two years of the establishment of the NUG). One of these is “the distribution of electronic identity cards to all the citizens of the country as quickly as possible.”

On Saturday the senators also criticized the government but for removal of the word ‘Afghan’ in recent draft of the electronic ID cards (e-Tazkira), threatening to stage demonstration.

Senators termed it contrary to the constitution which says: “National sovereignty in Afghanistan belongs to the nation that exercises it directly or through its representatives.” The nation of Afghanistan consists of all individuals who are the citizen of Afghanistan. The nation of Afghanistan comprises of the following ethnic groups: Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Turkman, Baluch, Pashai, Nuristani, Aymaq, Arab, Qirghiz, Qezelbash, Gujar, Brahwui and others. The word Afghan applies to every citizen of Afghanistan. No member of the nation can be deprived of his citizenship of Afghanistan.

Senator Zalmai Zabuli said: “This is a clear violation of the Constitution.”

He called on the president to consider this issue of mentioning “Afghan” word seriously.

“Everyone who lives in Afghanistan is Afghan, thus no one has the right to remove the word of Afghan from ID cards,” he added.

Sher Mohammad Akhondzada, another senator said that Helmand, Kunduz, Badakhshan and other provinces are burning in the flames of war, so propounding of removal of ‘Afghan’ word at current situation is not for the interest of nation and country.

“The government failed to reinforce security, improve economic and eliminate corruption and now the government want to act contrary to condition,” Akhondzada said.

Deputy Spokesman for Chief Executive, Jawid Faisal, said that there was no change in draft of issuing the electronic ID cards which was passed by the Wolesi Jirga and the government would strictly follow the rules and regulation.

“Still decision was not finalized in the aspect of issuance of e-ID cards draft, up to now it is just as a draft.”

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