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Govt to draft detailed design of Bakhsh-Abad Dam

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The Ministry of Energy and Water on Wednesday signed the contract of detailed designing of the Farah province’s Bakhsh-Abad hydropower dam with Italian company of Hydro ARDH.

The design would take at least 18 months to complete all its designing schemes, which would cost $4.5 million.

Minister of water and energy Ali Ahmad Osmani called the project an important national program.

He said the dam would have the capacity to save annually more than 1.3 billion cubic meter of water and would prevent water waste.

Osmani said the dam had would irrigate 100,000 hectares of farmland in five districts.

The minister added that the dam maintains 27 megawatt electricity and would prevent seasonal flood alongside Farah Rood River.

“The government is committed to manage and restrain from the country’s run water in any possible manner and accept no barrier in front of its national great project,” he asserted.

“If the government could construct Bakhsh-Abad Dam, 75 percent of Farah’s water will be controlled and maintain from millions of dollar in wastage of water in abroad,” said Mohammad Asif Nang, provincial governor .

“With construction of the dam, agricultural productions will increase from 40 to 80 percent and it will provide thousands of job opportunities for needy employees.”

He pointed out that cultivation of opium has decreased in compare to the past years and revenues of Farah province increased from one billion up to five billion Afghanis.

He asked Farah people to cooperate with government in keeping security of the dam and not to let any destroyers to damage the public project.

40 year ago Afghan government had started economical designation of Bakhsh-Abad Hydropower Dam , but it was postponed for many years due to security challenges.


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