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Govt to lose legitimacy in three months: Daudzai

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL:  An opposition politician believes that the National Unity Government would lose legitimacy in the next three months, claiming that it is a US-made administration which is not acceptable for people.

Umar Daudzai, a senior member of the Afghan Protection and Stability Council, a political party combined of the former jihadi leaders and ex officials, said Tuesday that Afghan people appreciate the United State of America for the financial and military assistance, but they do not accept the imposed government.

“People have the legal right to demand a lawful government and USA does not have the right to impose an illegal government against the people’s wish,” the former inter minister said.

He added that the government does not have any legal bases and it was formed by a political agreement.

“People are not ready to accept an illegitimate government and they believe this government would also hamper the next presidential election slated to be held in 2019,” Daudzai asserted.

He acknowledged that Afghans want to exercise and support democracy and they require a legitimate government to exercise the right of all nation and the only way which can meet the demand of people is to hold presidential election although government is not ready to hold election. Summoning of Constitutional Loya Jirga is the best option for reaching a legal government.

“Constitution declared holding of Loya Jirga (grand assembly) as a good precondition for formation of a legitimate government, but unfortunately it was not addressed in the last 15 years.”

He underlined that the government does not want to hold parliamentary election and tries to keep Wolesi Jira illegal in a bit to people pay attention over parliamentary election than to prefer legal government.

Daudzai cited a national proverb “guest for one day, for two days, not until the New Year”, we don’t want compulsory government anymore.

“In the past two years, the government failed in policy with neighboring countries, it could not bring electoral reforms and peace talks ended without any positive results,” he criticized.

He alleged that the government vowed to maintain peace in the first year of its tenure, whereas not to bring peace, but also lost its friendly relation with neighboring countries.

“We addressed the leaders of the government that Pakistan is not honest in Afghan peace talks, because Islamabad is seeking its goals in Kabul, thus as long as Pakistan reaches its goals inside the country, it will not support peace negotiation in this country.”

“Due to negligence of government in diplomatic relations, Afghan refugees still pay the penalty of the tension in Pakistan so far terrorists freely harass our refugees there.”

Daudzai said the international community should stop their air strikes in the villages of Afghanistan because they don’t have information about military bases and targeted Afghan security forces.

He asked the government to attend with agenda and come back with full hand “international community shall vow long term cooperation for Afghanistan because Afghans stay in critical condition”.

Daudzai expressed deep concerns about dispatching of Afghan refugees from Iran to Syria conflict.

“It is heard that 8,000 Afghan refugees in Iran were dispatched to Syria battle by Iran Government and majority of them were killed and wounded there.”

He underlined that Iran should make it clear whether this matter is correct or wrong and Afghan government is responsible to prosecute the issue because they immigrate in Iran to have suitable life.

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