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Govt to run projects in Nangarhar districts cleared from Daesh

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The government plans to run development projects in the districts of eastern Nangarhar province cleared from Daesh recently.

“In order to boost up stability, sectarian ministries plan to implement welfare projects at cost of tens million of Afs in the districts cleared from Daesh,” said provincial governor Salim Kunduzi.

He named the districts Kot, Achin, Haska Mina and Nazian that have been recently cleared from Daesh.

Schools, clinics, seminaries, dams, mosques and houses will be reconstructed in the mentioned districts, he added.

Kunduzi also asked the government to build houses for those people who were displaced due to war in the districts.

The frontiers and tribes minister Gulab Mangal said the government planned to reinforce security in the districts cleared from Daesh fighters and eliminate distance to people.

Deputy rural rehabilitation and development minister said that the project cost over one million dollar.

He said that the roads of the districts will be asphalted as well.

Likewise, officials of ministries of education, health, refugees and repatriates, agriculture, as well as the public works pledged to run different education, health, agriculture and social projects in the districts.

A provincial council member asked the government to establish good governance in the districts.

He urged the government to deploy enough forces in the districts and increase local police for betterment of security in the area.

He insisted that the Afghan forces must continue anti Daesh operation till date the area complete cleared.

Afghan forces conducted air and ground raids against Daesh in the past three weeks, which through succeeded to clear Kot, Achin, Haska Mina and Nazian districts from Daesh fighters and destroy all their hideouts in the area.

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