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Govt tries to keep power by demagogical acts: Spanta

AT-KABUL: Former official, Rangin Dadfar Spanta, accused President Ghani’s government of trying to “keep and continue power through demagogical acts”.

Spanta who was national security adviser in Hamid Karzai’s administration, told Ariana News in an interview that the extrajudicial acts and power monopoly have caused that public services be not carried out rightly and the governance process continue mutely.

“The government’s demagogical acts and inattention to the people’s demands are the challenges it is facing, because the government’s programs are not acceptable to the people and the nation is experiencing several problems,” Spanta said.

The former national security adviser suggested that the current system needs a peaceful change.

“There are many challenges in the current system and the system needs a peaceful change,” he said, adding that public pressures and practical approaches that help the change.

Spanta believes that Afghanistan would not see people’s government, unless the superpowers’ interferences in great decisions decrease.

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