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Govt urged to control inflation

AT-KABUL: The National Workers’ Union of Afghanistan (NWUA) on Monday criticized the government for its failure to control inflation.

Criticizing the government for its failure to launch crackdown on hoarding to control rising commodities prices, the head of NWUA Marouf Qaderi said the authorities should formulate policy to control the inflation.

Speaking at a press conference here he said that the government must take steps to stabilize Afghani against foreign currencies, adding that increase in unemployment rate, imbalance in salaries and price hike have put extra pressure over public.

“Although Afghan government does not interfere in the market system, but hording and fixing of prices is prohibited. So the government must interfere in the market to stabilize prices of the commodities across the country,” he added.

Pointing to the imbalance in salaries, he said that NWUA submitted a draft to the government to bring balance in salaries.

He said that imbalance in salaries is main reason of corruption so the government must follow the submitted draft to help people economically as well as fight corruption in a better manner.

Meanwhile, residents of the capital city said that the government has deliberately allowed the traders to control prices of the commodities. Abdul Ahad, a resident of Kabul city, said that if the government monitor and control the market then inflation could be controlled. He said the control would stabilize prices of food items, fuel and gas in the market.

He said the hoarders were taking advantage of the government’s weakness every winter.

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