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Govt urged to implement laws, punish violators

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Afghanistan National Congress (ANC), comprised of rights activities and members of different political parties, on Sunday criticized the government for failure to implement the laws of the land both in spirit and letter.

ANC asked the National Unity Government (NUG) to enforce the country’s laws strictly and without showing any leniency.

Chief of the ANC, Qazi Ismail, said that it is important for the NUG to follow the rules and enforce the laws; otherwise people could face severe crisis in the future.

Speaking at the ANC’s annual conference here titled “Reinforcement of Law in the Country” he said that electoral commissions need to be reformed and the government had to give importance to civil society and political parties in the aspect for further achievement.

Member of the Wolesi Jirga from Paktika, Gul Padshah Majidi, on the occasion said that violation of laws is a major problem that public face on a daily basis in the country. He said that often laws are violated by those people and organizations who are supposed to implement the laws and maintain balance.

He said that in the past, laws were not enforced “both in spirit and letter” and different organizations and individuals enjoyed impunity despite violating the constitution.

“Unfortunately, people are suffering mostly when laws are not implemented the way other states do. Voice of the public is ignored by the relevant departments and authorities,” the lawmaker lamented.

He highlighted that women were also harmed when laws are violated brazenly by influential people and state actors. The legislator urged the government to take serious steps and bring all those to the court who are violating laws, because it is imperative to protect the rights of women and girls.

“Violation of the laws, not only undermined security situation, but even challenges the sovereignty of the state. Whatever challenges we are facing today in the country is the result of the government’s failure to enforce the laws,” Majidi said.

He said that insecurity, corruption and impunity culture are products of the government’s leniency to establish its writ and use force against those who are violating the constitution.

Speaking about the current government, he said that unfortunately, the NUG leaders are busy in power sharing and never tried to address the outstanding challenges. He claimed the expectations of the public were not met, both by the president and the chief executive officer. He went on saying that Afghans were expecting that the government would enforce the laws of the land effectively and take prompt notice of injustice but it is not happening.

Advisor in Chief Executive Office of Tribal Affairs, Ghazi Nawaz Tanai, said the government, especially the chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is committed to fight against all those who violate laws and are involved in corruption.

He said that violation of the laws was not a new phenomena and it would take time to address the issue.


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