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Govt urged to improve education in juvenile detention centers

AT-KABUL: The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) urged the government to improve in-detention education and post rehabilitation care for young Afghans.

Extensive research carried out by the UNAMA into juvenile rehabilitation centers (JRCs) indicates the need for the Afghan government to focus, in particular, on helping young Afghans re-enter society, the UN office said in a report released Sunday.

“Our research shows an improved intra-governmental effort to address the needs of juvenile detainees,” said Michael E. Hartmann, Director of UNAMA Rule of Law. “Still, the ministry of justice and ministry of education require continued international support for accommodation improvements as well as existing rehabilitation and new re-entry programs for juveniles.”

Overall, UNAMA’s research demonstrated Afghanistan’s progress in meeting the minimum and acceptable international standards, in a statement UNAMA said.

It added however, the field research found that improvement was not uniform or consistent across all centers. Shortcomings were particularly evident in those JRCs that were not the ministry of justice’s custom-built facilities.

At the request of Afghanistan’s minister of justice, UNAMA undertook the assessment of the JRCs to look into minimum protections for juveniles in detention, as afforded by national laws and recommended by the United Nations Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty (the so-called Havana Rules), the statement concluded.

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