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Govt urged to stop large-scale exodus

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The New Line Organization (NLO) had expressed concern over the mass exodus of Afghans and urged the National Unity Government (NUG) to take steps to overcome the challenges faced by young people in the country.

According to reports hundreds of young Afghans said farewell to their country and left for Europe and the United States to start a new life there. The recent increase in the immigration has sparked criticism over the government, throughout the country. Families and civil societies are concerned over Afghans taking the riskiest journey of their life to Europe.

Poverty, insecurity, unemployment and other social and political issues are the main factors that impelled youth to search jobs in foreign lands. The most favorite destination is Europe and the US.

Chief of the NLO, Fahim Sediqi, said the government has turned a blind-eye to increase in the cases of illegal Afghan immigrants. He said that everyone was concerned over the mass exodus. Sediqi said that his organization has planned to submit a draft of proposals to the government to overcome the challenge.

Addressing a press conference here he said the NLO’s research team would finalize the draft soon and share it with the government.

The NLO urged the government to run awareness campaigns about the outcome of illegal immigration and prevent Afghans from crossing the borders illegally.

Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, Sayed Kamal Sadat, said that though there are many challenges but the youth should shoulder responsibilities and work for betterment of the homeland.

He said that alone the government could not overcome all the existing challenges but the citizens should also play their role.

The deputy minister claimed that his office has initiated different programs to provide job opportunities and education to youth within the country and abroad.

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