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Govt vows to curb crimes

AT-KABUL: The government of Afghanistan will not keep silent against people who break the law and sabotage the society, Shah Hossein Mortazavi President’s spokesperson said on Tuesday.

He also argued that the arrest of irresponsible armed people is in line with complaints that people lodge. Mortazavi vowed that the government is intent on taking practical measures against illegal and irresponsible armed individuals.

Shah Hossein Mortazavi, said that the arrests of irresponsible armed men were only based on people’s complaints and had no ethnic and political dimensions.

“Some arrests are carried out based on people’s complaints. The commander who was arrested in Uruzgan province, was behind selling of 50 outposts to Taliban. Another one that was arrested in Porchamandistrict, had handed over the entire district to the Taliban. Should the government sit and watch these individuals or take action against them? Their arrest was people’s wish,” said Mortazavi.

He added that the government was responsible to provide security, adding that the process of arresting such individuals would continue.

Nezamoddin Qaisari, police chief of Qaisar district in Faryab province was arrested last week. Qaisari is a close ally to the exiled vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum and his arrest sparked wide protests in the northern areas.

The defense ministry has said that Qaisari was arrested for violating the law and had been handed to judiciary.

Two more militia commanders were also arrested in the provinces of Farah and Uruzgan respectively for similar charges.

Some lawmakers have praised the government for the recent arrests, asking for continuing the process. “I ask the people to not give ethnic color to every issue. A criminal is a criminal whether he is from any province or area, he should be arrested,” said lawmaker Sakhi Moshwanai.

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