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Govt vows to deal with untamed beast of kidnapping

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The government promises people to prevent any kidnapping of the passengers, a move after nearly 300 passengers were taken hostage by the Taliban militants in Kunduz province.

The Security Council informed Sunday of preparations to prevent the repetition of such incidents.

“Security officials will draw a mechanism to prevent kidnapping of passengers by armed Taliban in highways across the country,” saidl Tawab Ghorzang, spokesman for the council.

“This mechanism will be presented to the Security Council session in a few weeks.”

After the approval, the mechanism will be sent to all security organs to be followed as a direction to prevent passengers’ abducting, he added.

Pointing to abducting of passengers recently in Kunduz province, he said that this is a new tactic by the enemies, so we will strive hard to prevent such incident in future.

In the past two weeks nearly 300 passengers were dragged out of buses by Taliban in Kunduz highway, where 12 of them were killed. Around 180 people rescued by security forces but still over 15 people remained in Taliban hostage. In another incident Taliban took off 12 people mostly police and army in Ghazni and shot them death recently.



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