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Grasping at claws, Taliban seek dialogue to end war

Taliban see Doha agreement as an ‘excellent basis’ for bringing an end to the war

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KABUL: The Taliban group, who found itself in tatters after Joe Biden defeated his Republican incumbent rival Donald Trump in the high-stakes 2020 US presidential election, is looking forward to pushing to wrap its growing violence with benevolent assurance to resolve internal problems through dialogue. The Taliban have expressed readiness to resolve internal issues through dialogues and negotiations.

The group said this in a statement issued on Tuesday – an attempt to woo Biden to stick in the Doha deal. Reduction in violence was an important pillar of Doha talks that Taliban did not obey. The latest attempt is nothing, but duplicity of the Taliban group because ground reality is suggesting something else – violence has been intensified and the Taliban claimed most of its responsibility.

The Taliban stressed to the new American president-elect and future administration that implementation of the agreement is the most reasonable and effective tool for ending the conflict between both our countries.

Taliban said that the Doha agreement signed between them and the United States is an excellent document for bringing an end to the war and for a better future for both countries.

 “Withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan, non-interference in our country and not allowing the use of Afghanistan to threaten America is in the interest of both our peoples and our nations,” the statement added.

“We remain committed to the agreement on our part and view it as a powerful basis for solving the Afghan issue, and we also give preference to solving our internal problems through dialogue and negotiations.”

This is as in the past three days – several car bombing attacks were conducted by the Taliban rebels in Kandahar, Helmand and Faryab provinces. This is open evidence that the Taliban are not following the Doha agreement and are reluctant to reduce the violence.

The Taliban rebels have fueled the flame of war in different provinces, including highways, increase in sticky mines and the target killings. The Taliban also started destroying highways and roads in different provinces. The group even didn’t spare bridges.

Recently, the National Security Council Advisor, Javid Faisal in a tweet said at least 36 civilians, the majority of them women and children were killed and wounded in Taliban attacks in Kandahar, Ghazni, and Kundoz provinces. The Doha agreement has failed to serve its objectives, protect the Afghan lives, and advance the cause of peace in Afghanistan.

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