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Growing insecurity: Civil activists warn of protest

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Civil society activists on Sunday accused National Unity Government leaders of negligence and warned of running protest if government not address ramp up security in Kunduz and other volatile provinces.

“Government must step up efforts to control increased insecurity in northern and southern provinces, otherwise we will staged protest,” said Head of Afghanistan United Nation Party, Mohammad Haroon Barekzai.

He accused government officials with neglect regarding ramp up insecurity in Kunduz and some other provinces.

He allegedly claimed that corruption in Kunduz provincial police office, ANA battalion and governor office can be the main reason behind fall of Kunduz to Taliban hand.

According to report 90 percent of military equipment including light and heavy weapons were looted by Taliban after fall of Kunduz, he added.

He said that even weapons are sold in the province by some cluster to Taliban.

There is no doubt that neighboring countries are behind insecurity in Afghanistan, but it is required of government to exert utmost efforts to control the challenge, he asserted.

New Line Organization (NLO) Spokesperson Manizha Ramizi slammed government leaders neglect regarding Kunduz clashes, said that “Afghan soldier fighting bravely without food in stronghold against insurgents, so they need to serious support of government.”

Came hard on recent remarks of Kunduz governor, she said that the Kunduz governor should be fired and prosecuted.

NLO started a campaign to help Kunduz suffered people, thus it is essential to all relevant organs to join this campaign and help Kunduz people through a unique address, he said.

The NLO also released a resolution in which asked the government to revise the political peace project and take a serious step for suppression of terrorists, Government must be accountable regarding Kunduz incident and an impartial commission must be assigned to probe fall of Kunduz and bring guilty officials before court. NLO also called on Human Rights commission to not remain silence anymore as previous events and appeal for the rights of citizen of Kunduz, Helmand and other insecure provinces.

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