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Growing insecurity: Uprising for Change resumes protest in Kabul

AT-KABUL: The Uprising for Change, a movement who want some reshuffles in the government bodies, on Monday resumed protest in reaction to the so-called recent horrible terrorist attacks and violence that lead to the death of over 100 and wounded of over 500 people on May 31, in Kabul.

Protestors blamed government leaders and security officials for inefficiency and wanted them to resign.

They were carrying banners read “we want government leaders and security officials to resign”, “we want justice”, “we want government to bring those who fired against protestors during Ramadan to justice” and “we want reforms in security organs.”

The protesters marched from Khorasan road to Masoud square, which was also followed by loud horns of cars they were driving.

“Protests will be followed with different programs in future, if the government not positively answered to the demand of protestors,” said Haroon Mutaref, one of the organizers of the protest.

He said that hundreds of people attended the protest and it will be continued with changes in future.

Protestors released a resolution in which they asked the government to bring before justice those who fired and ordered for firing against protestors during Ramadan month, seeking resign of Minister of Interior Taj Mohammad Jahid, National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar and Head of National Security Directorate Masom Stanikzai. They blamed the national unity government leaders for inefficiency and demanding their resign as well as asking United Nation and Other International organization to support the protestors for boost up of democracy in Afghanistan.

It is pertained to mention that around one month ago hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of downtown Kabul in a bid to march on the Presidential Palace. They had been protesting against last month’s massive truck bomb in the city that killed over 150 people. Protestors blaming security officials with failure in security reinforcement and were seeking their resignation.

Demonstrator established strike tents on the street in different part of Kabul city, which created huge traffic jam and caused a matter of concern for people.

Out of seven tents six were removed in mediation of Parliament members by protests and one forcedly removed by the government after repeatedly suggestion of parliamentarians and public.

Protests during Ramadan month lead to violence which as result two protestors killed and 27 others were wounded. Also 11 protestors were in detention for 12 to 24 hours.

Following protest Parliamentarian once again show reaction and asked them to follow demonstration at the frame of laws and regulation.

Member of Parliament Naderkhan Katawazai said that considering current situation it is not the time to run protest.

Another Lawmaker Allah Gul Mujahid said that coming out on the street blocking roads and protesting is not the solution way.

He said that we strongly defend from government and demands from protestors to not harass Kabul citizen anymore and not misuse their patients.

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