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Hairatan business port resumes functioning

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KABUL: The Hairatan business port has resumed functioning after being closed for eight months due to the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, officials said Monday.

Head of the Afghanistan Entrepreneurs Board, Haji Agha said that the establishment of Hairtan port with Uzbekistan has been beneficial and put a positive impact on bilateral trades and economy.

He said that Afghans who pass through Hairatan would be tested for covid-19 in Termiz city of Uzbekistan. According to him, the people who test positive for the virus will be quarantined by Uzbek health employees.

Hairtan is a business port between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan via which hundreds of trucks passed through on a daily basis before the spread of the virus.

According to the reports, an amount of 400 million dollar worth investment existed between the two countries.

This comes as Afghanistan sees the severest line of poverty with millions of youths unemployed and a fragile economy that lay out the ground for criminal activities and insecurity across the country.

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